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"Thank you very much for making the recent Madagascan adventure available to us. We were completely blown away by the scenery, the wildlife, the people and the accommodation. These far exceeded our expectations. 

It was impressive to see how industrious the people were, there was food available everywhere, but all produced by human toil.  Our guides were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating, and gave us a great insight into life in Madagascar."  James and Lynley Douglas - Brisbane, Australia

The venture was a notable success

"I had a memorable experience with Experiential Travel, visiting Namibia in with a group of 14 photographers on a two week trip. The venture was a notable success and I would happily recommend Experiential Travel to others for two principal reasons. Firstly, Neville Jones is an experienced international award winning photographer who lead the trip in person and based our itinerary on his many prior visits to the country and specific reconnoitring of this route. Previously, Neville enjoyed a successful business career and this combined with his photographic skills ensured we all enjoyed superb photo opportunities and first class travel and accommodation logistics.”  Francis Peckham - London

an unbelievable experience

"Neville took the stress and hassle out of organizing our Africa experience and gave us an unbelievable experience which we will treasure and remember for the rest of our lives."  Gavin Bunshaw - Melbourne, Australia

Neville set up an itinerary and activities that far exceeded our expectations

"My husband had completed the overland trip through Africa as a graduate in his mid-twenties and with his first wife. After hearing about the trip for 20+ years I wondered if we would ever be able to undertake a trip to Africa that belonged to us and would become a shared memory of adventure and excitement. Neville set up an itinerary and activities that far exceeded our expectations. The small camp environment, the experienced guides and the wonderful food all led to our trip being completely differentiated from my husband’s backpacking trip. The ability to undertake “glamping” (glamour camping) in Africa was wonderful.

"Neville was able to maintain a collegiate interaction amongst the 12 people in our party and still ensure that individual preferences were accommodated. For example one night in the lodge on rim of the Ngorongoro Crater there was an option for the staff to prepare a bath, massage and then dinner in the room. We were able to avail ourselves of this option after discussion with Neville and without disrupting the team activities.

"The opportunity to stay at several camps and lodges in the Kalahari desert (still my favorite experience of the 5 week trip), the Serengeti  and Masai Mara was fabulous allowing more time to relax and feel unhurried. Neville also organized all passes and ensured our guides were responsive to the different needs of all travelers. Neville removed a lot of the stress that comes with organizing such a trip and worked behind the scenes I’m sure to protect the group from any unnecessary interruptions or issues in our itinerary.

"I loved the Kalahari and the opportunity to stay at Jacks Camp an iconic location that had been visited by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill. It felt like being an extra on Out of Africa and the food was incredible. I have very fond memories of the avocado and tomato terrine.  

"I have no hesitation in recommending Neville and his tour company to prospective travelers and indeed I already have told friends and acquaintances about this trip many times.  Sheryle Moon - Sydney, Australia

can't wait to go again!!

"Africa is even more beautiful than I had ever expected..  The Safari (both permanent and mobile) was amazing. Your organisation from start to finish was tremendous and your knowledge of the region meant we traveled to places rich in wildlife. Can't wait to go again!!"   Damian Moore - Melbourne, Australia

perfect combination of wild and luxurious accommodation

"My Neville Jones-curated safari experience was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever had. From the superb guide and the perfectly pitched combination of wild and luxurious accommodation to the amazing depth of tour planning and Nev’s endless patience and depth of knowledge – every aspect of the trip was an amazing experience. In fact, I can feel another trip coming on right about now."  Phil Huzzard - Melbourne, Australia

It was a huge bonus to go with someone who already knew the country well 

"I joined a group organised by Neville for a trip to Botswana.  It was a huge bonus to go with someone who already knew the country well and who had undertaken meticulous research to produce a wonderful programme.  Both Jack's and Stanley's camps were very special.  They each had great character, very knowledgeable guides and we saw so much - from meerkats to leopards to hornbills!  

Neville provided valuable and thoughtful advice prior to the trip on matters such as innoculations, luggage parameters (for flights on small planes within the country), recommended clothing, mobile phones and internet access and plenty more.  This made for a trouble free and relaxed trip.

Above all, Neville made it a fun and truly memorable safari."  Jane Spanton - London


Evelyn was great, she looked after us really well and her stories from her life in Maun added real depth and reality to our experience. You simply MUST get her hosting more trips :)

The Letaka team were beyond excellent - this trip met and exceeded every one of our expectations. I can't say enough about these guys - they were superb.

The accommodation was perfect ESPECIALLY The River Club - I could happily spend much more time there, loved the atmosphere and the management/ownership team.

Thanks so much for your help in creating this adventure - we WILL be back. Please do keep us informed regarding any experiences you may think we would enjoy.  (I'm already starting to think about Uganda/Kenya for the mountain gorilla).   Sue Neale – Auckland, New Zealand


"I traveled to Namibia with Neville and a group of photographers last year.  One of the most valuable things Neville provided was pre-trip planning.  Having never been to Africa, I was unsure of what I should pack for the two week adventure.  Neville provided me with the help I needed to make sure everything went smoothly.  His knowledge and planning made for a smooth and stress free adventure."  Dr. Bradley M Smith - Mansfield OH

I wouldn’t plan a trip to Africa with anyone but Neville!

"I have been on 3 spectacular vacations planned by Experiential Travel with Neville Jones planning the adventure and then accompanying our group: twice to Africa and once to the Antarctic.  All three went off with nary a hitch!  In Africa we camped on the first safari and glamped on the second.  Both experience were outstanding.  I wouldn’t plan a trip to Africa with anyone but Neville!  Experiential Travel is currently engaged to plan another safari for us and our friends .  I have recommended Experiential travel to my friends, and I recommend them to you.

"Planning for a safari or an adventure to Antarctica, with a few side trips before and after, takes some guidance.  Neville Jones always provides the packing list and further advice on what to take and why, including camera equipment for the once-in-a-lifetime shot.  He knows his cameras and the light in these environs at any time of the day or night.  I’ll never forget shooting after midnight in the Antarctic in mid-January – fantastic!

"Neville truly has been the “lucky traveler” when it comes to leopards in Africa – I’ve been with him!  We have watched leopards in the Okavango Delta sunning in the late afternoon on a giant ant hill; we have seen them in the hunt and the kill;  we have seen them feeding on a kudu after dragging it into a tree to share with it’s mate; and we have been within 4 or 5 meters of a treed leopard staring directly into our cameras!  I never imagined being so close to such a wild cat.  

"Issues will arise when traveling in Africa – Neville handles them like a pro.  While visiting Victoria Falls, Neville insisted we see the falls from the Zambia side for better photos.  We also wanted to lunch at the Royal Livingston Hotel.  We showed up without reservations, and they did not seem to be serving lunch.  With Neville negotiating, we lunched in old-world style on the veranda!  And, the photos from the Zambia side of the falls were the best! 

"On another safari, we flew into Kilimanjaro Airport early in the evening, and took a caravan to our hotel, the Arusha Coffee Lodge.  By the time we arrived the restaurant had closed, but we had had no dinner!  Again, Neville calmly negotiated with staff to reopen the restaurant and serve a three course birthday dinner for one of our fellow travelers!  

"Experiential Travel has always accommodated me with premium air travel where possible.  I’m a big guy, and it’s much appreciated.  For me it makes the trip so much more enjoyable at the start, the end, and in-between.  I have also requested single accommodation at times, and again, where possible they have done their best to make it happen.  I don’t mind paying a premium for trips that provide a lifetime of memories!"  Dan Schriner - Lawrence, KS

It turned out to be an experience of a lifetime

"When the idea of a safari was raised over dinner with friends one evening I was initially hesitant to be involved.  I’m not a seasoned international traveller and had heard many stories of the possible dangers in visiting Africa, both cities and country. I am so pleased I was convinced to go because it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime.

"The organization of the travel and accommodation was faultless with just the right blend of timetable and relaxation. The experience of being closely  involved with a different culture but still having all the home comforts was perfect.

"Seeing so many of the large Africa animals up close and in their natural environment was amazing and, if I’m honest, at times a little scary. Our Guide was extremely knowledgeable in regard to animal behaviour and new just how close to get to make safari and exciting adventure but keep us safe.

"There were many highlights for me and one of those came toward the end of each day. This required our Guide finding a suitable spot to stop the open four wheel drive we travelled in somewhere with an amazing view. There are plenty of them. He would then fold down the front bumper bar to create a table and serve ice cold Gin and Tonics and a selection of nibbles. Standing around with friends and new acquaintances in such surroundings watching an amazing African sunset over the open savannah spotted with grazing animals or beside a water hole with yawning Hippos is something I will never forget.

"Thanks so much for organizing such a terrific trip Neville. I still speak with some of my fellow travellers and I know everyone in our group enjoyed the whole experience enormously.

"Please keep me informed of any other adventures you have planned as I would love to join you again.

Best of luck."  Ross Robinson - Melbourne, Australia         

took the stress out of undertaking this type of adventure  

“No one would call me a thrill seeker, but I had heard such wonderful things from people who had visited Africa that I was intrigued to see for myself.  When Neville mentioned an upcoming trip he was putting together, I knew I could trust that we would have an amazing time and have the benefit of his experience and insights.  In-fact I said to my husband 'if we want to see Africa, the only way I am going there is with someone who knows the ropes.'  

Neville did an outstanding job of patiently answering all our pre-trip questions and was a font of knowledge about the landscape, animals, people and culture along the way.  Planning and executing such a trip requires attention to detail and an appreciation for the individual differences inherent in any travel group.  Neville certainly took the stress out of undertaking this type of adventure and incorporated some lovely surprises along the way.  Our itinerary introduced us to South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania and included a variety of experiences such that one of our travelling companions described it as a “degustation of Africa”.  It certainly was an unforgettable experience and we would definitely travel with Neville again.”  Catriona Brash - Melbourne, Australia