See it.  Sense it.  Share it.

Experiential Travel is for people who want to experience the world with an authenticity like never before.  We curate amazing travel experiences from around the world.


You've been busy.  Building a career, a family, a home and/or a business.  That has absorbed almost 100% of your time.  Time for some "me-time".  Your vacations are precious gems set  into a packed calendar.  The vacation experiences are so extraordinary that they sparkle in your memories for years.   And friends love your vacation stories.


We plan and arrange some of the most extraordinary experiences this planet has to offer.  Places like Antarctica, the Arctic, Australia,Botswana, China, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway,  Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

We both "take" and "send" our clients to these places.  We started as a small-group tour operator but the fastest growing part of our business today is planning and arranging itineraries for people who prefer to travel independently.

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